“Like a ship’s bridge, Wrangell Narrows at a Glance is a concise book with everything in its proper place.”  And, “Pilots learning Wrangell Narrows likely will appreciate Boone’s detailed turn-by-turn illustrations of the northbound and southbound routes through Wrangell Narrows.”

Ketchikan Daily News, April 2013


“In Wrangell Narrows at a Glance, Captain Lou Boone shares his extensive research and personal experience navigating one of the most difficult and fascinating waterways in the world.  For many years to come, mariners and other interested persons will appreciate the clear illustrations and knowledge contained within these pages.” —–Dale Miller

Head of Office of Marine Transportation, University of Alaska; Southeast-Ketchikan Campus


“…[T]his text will become required reading of any ‘prudent mariner’ operating not only under the scope of their State or Federal Pilotage endorsements, but the myriad of USCG License’s for trade and tonnage that transit these waters.  Wrangell Narrows at a Glance distills years of experience and quantifies ‘seaman’s eye’ to the new mariner, but more importantly, this text accurately provides a ready reference to the seasoned officer that cannot accept indecision or confusion as an element of the practice of their trade.

When referenced appropriately, this work meets the new emphasis placed on mariners for voyage planning.  When combined with due vigilance, these illustrations will greatly enhance the safe transit of vessels through Wrangell Narrows.  The sections on ship handling and interactions provides a concise review of basic principles that, like the Rules of the Road, should be reviewed periodically by all mariners.

AVTEC Maritime welcomes this publication and looks forward to including it in its curriculum.” —Captain Scott A. Hamilton 

Maritime Department Head, AVTEC: Alaska’s Institute of Technology

Wrangell Narrows at a Glance


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11 07 2012
Chris Springer

Lou is a collegue and mentor. I have worked with him and admired his attention to detail, level of organization, and competence. I have been looking forward to his completion of this book – which I think is set-apart from other pilotage books by the quality of the pictures and commentary – for the last four years! Using this as a reference will certainly provide a mariner with a solid foundation in developing their own approach to navigating this famous waterscape. Any course he offers would be well worth attending too!

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