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How do large ship traverses a narrow waterway?  “What does the Pilot look at?  How do you do it?”, I am occasionally asked.  “Oh, the answer is simple,” I respond!  “You need about 10 years of practice on this tiny waterway and a complete understanding of hydrodynamic interactions… and then you’ll know.”

For two years, I sketched the various legs of Wrangell Narrows practicing drawings to decide what renderings worked and what did not.  After the two years of pondering various styles of drawings, I began creating the renderings that have been made into images in my book, Wrangell Narrows at a Glance.  The original drawings were drawn on a larger scale and required another year to produce the 51 drawings.  The manuscript and research took an extra three years.  In the end, the product is a professional book that I hope will stand the test of time.

My 43 years of seatime did not begin in Alaska or Wrangell Narrows, but in Florida and the Caribbean.  I patrolled many years in the Northern and Southern Caribbean.  I’ve sailed the Antarctic and Arctic, and covered every ocean in between.  I spent nearly 15 years in the Alaska fishing industry and the Bering Sea and Research vessels occupied roughly another five years.

I was raised in Europe, the Southern United States and lived in two commonwealths in the Caribbean.

In my spare time (ha!), I enjoy family, art, building classic mustangs and swimming.  I am a competition swimmer and record holder as a US Masters swimmer.


Master Of Oceans, Unlimited

Author, Wrangell Narrows at a Glance

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