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Wrangell Narrows at a Glance  was published in April 2012. 

  • Purchases may be made thru Pay Pal on the “Book Orders” page of this site.  (Other sources will set their own prices.)
  • Book sales are also available on Amazon.
  • Local book supply stores now include:

                 Captains Nautical Supply  in Seattle

                 Murray Pacific in Ketchikan, AK

                 Hammer & Wikan in Petersburg, AK

                 AVTEC in Seward, AK

  • Alaska’s Institute of Technology (AVTEC) in Seward stocks the book as part of their curriculum.   Books are provided to students attending the Wrangell Narrows class.

Professional Services

Simulator training on Wrangell Narrows is available at Alaska Maritime Training Center in Seward, Alaska.

A 3-day immersion class is available at the training center (AVTEC) in Seward, AK.  This is principally a simulator immersion class designed to elevate the comfort level of the mariner.  Interested mariners or companies should contact AVTEC directly for class availability.

For some classes, a prerequisite of First Class Pilotage for Wrangell Narrows is required.  Class size is limited to 6 students.  Other classes are tailor-made to the level of expertise of the mariner or to meet client demand.

Link directly to AVTEC: 

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